Thursday, January 14, 2010

Terrine Craze!!

Hmmm was it really October the last time I graced you with musings? It seems like the last 60 days have been well.... Busy!!!

So I have been tackling the idea of terrines. It started with wanting a canape for Christmas Eve. We had some close friends over for a small house warming/birthday/ Christmas Party. I wanted to do something with Rabbit; when I was in Vienna I saw a stuffed rabbit belly and it's been on the back burner ever since. But alas Rabbit seemed out of the budget ($30-35), so I settled for something cheaper. Tongue and Cheek.

"Ox tongue and pig cheek terrine bound with aspic and love." First I braised the cheeks and tounge in aromatics, mirepoix, beer and chicken stock. Then I peeled the tounge and sliced it into slabs (all the while reducing the braising liquid into an aspic) and crumbled the cheeks into smaller bits. I tossed all the meat in the very sticky reduced aspic added some chopped herbs and started to layer it into my mould. I pressed it over night, and then popped it out in the morning.

We served it with dark German rye, whole grain mustard and pickled nectorines ( from the summer).

More to follow including ( Pate de Campagne, Rabbit Balantine, Chicken Galantine and just today, Tiramisu......

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